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TVRS Meetings (Teifi Valley Railway Society) are now being held on the second WEDNESDAY of each month - the next meeting will be on Wednesday 12th November in the Railway cafe.   All members welcome plus anyone wishing to join us.



 Please note that the railway site is open for the half term - the main train is not running, but the miniature railway and the under-cover play area are open as is the cafe

The Teifi Valley Railway is a narrow-gauge tourist railway located at Henllan, about four miles to the east of Newcastle Emlyn on the Carmarthen and Ceredigion borders.  The railway site is now being operated by a private concern, with train operations under the TVR Company, and the Society - owners of the majority of the rolling stock.   It is one of the aims of the attraction to provide all-weather activity for those with young children.


 The river Teifi - or Afon Teifi in Welsh  (pronounced "a von tie vee") - is one of the longest rivers wholly within Wales and forms the boundary of the counties of Carmarthen and Ceredigion.


Massive Site Clearance

During March there has been a huge clearance of all the debris that has collected over the years, around the side and in front of the carriage shed.  Also a digger has been used to scoop out an area in order to enlarge the car park.  This has exposed a huge slice of pure clay - last seen when the miniature railway was being constructed. 

Car park clearingMuch of this area will shortly be surfaced (though I don't know quite what with yet - not sand I suspect!) in order to expand the car park and make it all look much tidier than before. 

As can be seen, all the standard-gauge stock has also been moved, mostly to the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway.

Much of the debris has been moved down behind the carriage shed and that area is also being prepared for the land-train that will come sometime - hopefully later this year. 


Clear site












Coaches and Diesel Locomotive get the Festive Look!

During the early part of November, the Diesel engine that carried the name "Tomos" was painted all over in redRudolph paint to make it look more festive for the Santa Special trains (the photo further below, shows what it did look like!). 

In addition it carried a new name, "Rudolph"

(Just for the duration of the Santa Specials.  The name was applied on 25 November !)

Many of the coaches have also acquired their new names as well.  All of the nameplates are in the same standard style and "Nancy" was the first to appear on 25th November.  Most of the others were done on the 27th.  See the stock pages for details.


Logging Trains now Working

Logging train

Almost on a daily basis, the two refurbished flat wagons are heading down to the forest area of our track and being loaded up by Paul and Eamon with timber.  When they get back to Henllan, the logs are being cut up and split for fire-wood.  Much of the wood is felled pine, that has been down for at least a year.  Soon Paul and Eamon will start felling some trees to leave for next years crop.

We must be one of the few narrow-gauge railways that is using its trains for freight traffic - do you know of any other?  The logs are on sale either by the sackful, or by the trailer load. 

We have been sent a photograph of a 7 1/4" gauge model of "Sgt Murphy" - see the News page.

131 -a

The first of the flat wagons has been refubished

Formerly 371, now to have the fleet number 131, the wagon stands outside the shed on Wednesday 18th September after its total refurbishment.  All that remains is to have its number and other details applied, but it can now be put to use. 

131 with logs

Excuse Me!  Who said you could use the new wagon?  You'll get it dirty!

Wagon 131 was first used in earnest on 20th September to fetch logs up from the forest area.  Now anyone want any firewood?

Passenger Information

Disabled people and their carers get 10% off our fares - but please ask at the time of booking your tickets.

DOGS?  We asked James!

James the dog YES we do allow well-behaved dogs (and well-behaved dog owners) on the train.  Just like James who enjoyed his journey in June last year, above! 

Dogs are NOT allowed in the cafe, or in the children's play area - the only exception to this are assistance dogs, such as dogs for the blind or for the deaf.

Other dogs travelling on the train are charged £1 and have their own tickets with a stamped picture of a dog on the back - just in case you don't know who the ticket is for!!   There is also the woodland walk down to the waterfalls at Pontprenshitw - most suitable for dogs!

PICNICS AT THE RAILWAY  We have picnic tables located in the children's play area and at other odd locations around the station area at Henllan.  We also have a picnic table located down at the Riverside right on the bridge - and now we have a couple of tables at Pontprenshitw! 

So take your picnic down on the train and sit in the shelter at Riverside, or at the waterfalls halt, to have your picnic when everyone else has gone back on the train.  However don't forget to let the Guard know to come back and pick you up!  The picnic tables under cover outside the cafe are for the use of those purchasing food and drink from the cafe. 

We also ask that you take your rubbish away with you - you'd be surprised to see how much rubbish we get and we have to pay for it's removal!

HAVEN'T GOT A PICNIC?  Not a problem!  Both the cafe and now the Station Box Grill will easily cater for your needs.  Try a Shunter's Pizza for £3.50 - best in the country!  Discuss with them what you would like and they'll get it all sorted out for you.

Michael R Martin